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    I just downloaded the proceedure to convert my books (NV Ver 1.41b) in preparation for the new NV2. Everything processed without incident but now every time I load my books a pop-up occurs saying in essence (it is rather lengthy) I must insert the most recent payroll library disk in A drive.

    The problem is, I believe, that many years ago (late 80’s i think) I did use the NV payroll but have long since discontinued using it. Is there any way to get rid of these messages and let the update procs proceedure continue to its satisfactory end?



    Hi Ron..

    From the Home Document (where you see NewViews Accounting and Today’s Date at the top) cursor down to PROCEDURES. /Document Expand on Procedures. Now do /Go Item and in the box that appears (with “Procedure to go to” at the top) type PAYRUN. Hit on it when you find it. Now do /Edit Delete to remove it. This will remove the procedure that is/was used for processing payroll.

    The UPDPROCS procedure will continue now and not prompt you about payroll.



    Why did you stop using the NV payroll? Unless you have an outside company doing Payroll I’d consider NV payroll. Even with the outside firm you still have to do a Journal entry to disburse and allocate entries.

    The NV cash payroll is extremely easy to use though limited if employees work in different departments. That’s when the Accural payroll is great. It also allows for Job Costing allocation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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