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    I am still converting some NV1 books to NV2. After having added a new hard drive to my system. I copied my old nv1 folder from backup e:drive to the new c:drive.

    All the color schemes are correct, except the cursor which was a solid white line
    underscoring its position,is now a grey cloudy line which is difficult to see with my color scheme.

    What could have caused this change?

    Cursor set on 21 Odds & Ends page, Also on Options page with cursor on or off,
    still no change.


    Try a different number under Cursor in Odds & Ends. Cursor 21 uses the DOS cursor with Cursor Option set to ON under Options in the NewViews shell.

    You have twenty two choices of a cursor dusplay (0-21), go to cursor under Odds & Ends and change the value to display the cursor appearance you want.

    This cursor option displays different results with different or new hardware.




    Never use 12, the cursor may dissapear.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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