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    I have a set of books that requires reports for the fiscal year end June 17th for a eight years and that was changed eventually to June 30th for the remaining five. I had to add the period Jun 18th to Jun 30th for the interim period as required by CRA. So for this set of books in particular is there an easy way of copying or saving the 14 column setup for dates in each folder. I started with AP then AR’s etc but is cumbersome to do for the remaining 14 folders.


    Click on NewViews > Report and window select Sub Reports which will show the sub reports of report (Accouts Receviable Accounts Payable etc), click on the first report on your list and on the window below window select Custom Analysis.

    Enter your required Columns on this report (Date ranges, tag financial and respect normal representation) here.

    Once done, you can click on any sub report (window above) and see the same column setup you had just entered for all sub reports by clicking on that sub report.




    Thank you very much Martin. Your solution to editing under sub-reports is exactly what I needed in order to resolve this issue.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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