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    Have been using NV1 since 1985 & thought I knew my way around the program.

    Have all NV data files in folder D:NVdataClient1 – etc
    HDD is defragmented regularly
    Running on XP SP3 – no problems in Windows

    Opened up NV this am after not using for a week or so & there are no transactions after mid April 2010 (and there should be lots of data entered up to last week)

    Looking at the DATAE file, shows entries dated last week,so surprised that book entries for last couple of months are not showing up.
    Looked (using WIN Explorer) at another client’s set of books & date of DATAE.NV file is 2nd week of June when books were last used

    DATAD.NV is 23.7 MB
    Ran CHECKBOOKS but no errors found.
    Lost data problem also appears to have happened in another set of books on same HDD (Probably about 8 sets of books on this HDD)

    I did a Windows Restore last week – but that should not affect the NV data

    I am truly “stumped” and would appreciate any hints or ideas from anyone.
    I have never had a problem with the data files in NV before



    Did you backup before you did the windows restore? The restore probably overwrote you data with the previous data.


    Although you said there were no Windows issues, you did do a restore, so I’m guessing something went awry.

    I don’t think the restore process will overwrite your data files.

    I would guess that whatever the cause of your windows problem was, may be the same culprit with NV. Have you checked on whether you may have hardware problems? Flaky memory or a failing HD? Power supplies and fans can create heat and power problems.

    Good luck,


    Thanks for that John

    The Win restore was only done to remove a Wind program, that once installed as not wanted. Easier to do the resore than “trust” the uninstall” feature of the prog.
    There are NO hardware issues (known)


    You might try removing nv.cfg from your NewViews program directory. Run NewViews again which will recreate the nv.cfg file which will set NewViews back to factory defaults.

    Change the Options in the NewViews shell and set:

    Fast Access Off
    Keyboard Polling Off
    Maximum EMS in KBytes 8192
    Crash Recovery ON

    Once set go back to Books and then change the default path to your books to D:NVdata using the forward slash key (/) and select drives with D and /E to expand D:NVdata to show all of your books in D:NVdata

    Regards to All,



    Windows System Restore *WILL* restore NV1 books! (I know for a fact – it saved my bacon recentyly.)

    The file extension ‘NV’ is one that Windows considers to be a ‘system file’ and therefore NV1 books (DATAD.NV) is caught up in system rewtore operations. (Ever notice the long pause when you open a large set of NV1 books? That’s system restore making a backup.)

    So, there is no mystery here – wehen you did a system restore to remove that program it also restored old copies of your NV1 books.

    The only way I know to avoid all this is to save your books on a drive other than C:.


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