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    I have the following error and just can’t seem to reset my table to be able to add new transactions on the APs that we set up with the Job Costing Column. I know you had that error come up when we were doing this Friday, but you move way too fast that I could keep up to fix and now I’m stuck as I can’t insert a transaction in any of the payable accounts I set up, except for our test one.

    GST is due Monday, May 1st and I have to input all the invoices. HELP


    After taking a breath from panic and frustration, I found that I am able to post directly through the PI and JC Journals, but cannot add new items in the AP Account as I still get the error.


    Sorry for the delay.

    The easiest method of data entry regarding a unique partition tag is to leave your Accounts Payable screen as it is showing the Separate columns for Financial and Job Cost (JC) and enter the Job Costing entries through the Job Costing Journal. We had created a Bookmark for this.

    It is possible to enter both through the same AP ledger but you will need to select View > Sorted By > Select Index and blank the Begin Tag and End Tag fields and get used to viewing Accounts Payable ledgers showing all tags (Financial, JC, Order, Budget, etc) which could become confusing. You can then always change the select Index back to Financial to suit your needs.

    I would stick with entering the Job Costing entries within he Job Costing journal as it is easier.

    I hope this helps.

    Regards to all,



    Martin, I really don’t like the set up done for the APs that we set up with the Job Costing Column. Once inside the AP Account window, I’m very restricted and have to try different columns in order to post and view. Can’t view Open or Closed items, only ledger. I need to be able to enter either through the AP account or PI. If not possible for both, then I’ll go back to just the AP. How do I do this?

    Also finding that the Bank Reconciliation doesn’t allow me to go into the detail of a transaction – can only see this in Ledger.

    Can we set up a time to revert back to “no job costing analysis” and add a undefined column where I can include the job site and manipulate in Excel?

    Thanks Wendy

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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