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    I have tried again to solve the problem I have when trying to print with Excel.
    In this specific case I would really need the Print Statements to work.
    I get the error “Unable to set ColumnWidth property of the Range class”.
    I have reported this error many times before.
    The source of the error seemed to be the language settings in Excel (French).
    I have now change the language to English, but the error remains.

    I would really need to fix this issue.


    I am trying to create my own template.
    The template is very simple, with one cell name only, for testing.
    I get a different error than mentioned before:

    invalid command name “::qw::com::application::excel::excel0”


    Close NV2. Open the Windows Task Manager and select the Details Tab. If bno tabs appear select Show More Details which will display the available tabs. Under the Details tab, sort by Name and remove Excel.exe. Go back into NV2 and you can now print/display without your second error you have described.

    Regards to All,



    There must be a reason why I get the error:
    “Unable to set ColumnWidth property of the Range class”

    No one else seems to get that error.

    I mentioned the problem to an Excel pro and he does not see how this could be linked to a language issue. According to him, the (procedure, function or methods – not sure of the correct name) are not language dependant.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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