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    F2 to go to an account only works when the top pane is blue. If one is in a payroll report, the pane is green F2 does not work.

    Why not make it universal to work anywhere, anytime.

    Another example where new users will have problems as I explain:

    Yes you can Go Directly To an Account, but only if you are on a table of accounts (top pane is blue). If the top pane is not blue then Click on a report, such as AP. If the the top is blue screen on top it will work. Oh, but it won’t work if the your on AP and the top pane is yellow, ie: Trade Information. Also it won’t work if you are in Payroll, or any of the Journals.

    And they ask WHY?


    Click on the Help > Keyboard menu in the workstation or your NV2 books. See the function key description for F2.

    Perhaps later the F2 key will be universal in a set of NV2 books like the GO procedure was in NV1. In NV1, the /Go Item worked pretty well depending on where you were (except distributions and notes).



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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