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    Been running NV since 87. Could always run full screen. Install v 3 to XP Pro and now get the message MTVDM CPU illegal instruction. Runs fine in Window screen which is too small to work with.


    Not sure what the error is, but you can increase the size of the window.

    1. Change the NV Options Screen size to 43/50 Display

    2. Right Click the Blue top border of the window, select Properties, then Font.

    3. Select the 10×18


    I have managed to increase the window size to a somewhat full screen mode. Here’s how I did it:

    Run NV1

    1. Right click the NV1 window (top part of window frame, not in the body).

    2. Select “Properties”.

    3. In the FONT tab select the “Lucida Console” font.

    4. I selected font size “38”.The window will automatically adjust. The bigger the font size the larger the window gets. As mentioned above, size 38 worked for me. Just experiment with the font size until you find something you like.

    5. In the LAYOUT tab I de-selected the little box “Let system position window” and centered the window on my desktop. Otherwise next time NV1 is run you may have to center the window again.

    Personally speaking I found no need to adjsut the screen size to (10×18). I also found no need to use the 43/50 Line Display option (unless of course you have physically rotated your monitor to PORTRAIT mode).

    This may or may not work for you but is definitely worth a try.

    Hope this helps.



    Are you certain it is not NTVDM error ?

    I am running NV1 on xp pro and many of my customer are also and we all run full screen.

    One of the problems is the in the system32 dir could be the wrong version.
    Another is the autoexec.nt and config.nt are missing or a line is wrong in these files.
    They are also in the system32 dir.

    Here are the contents of my 2 files.

    Contents of autoexec.nt everything else is REM out

    lh %SystemRoot%system32mscdexnt.exe

    REM Install network redirector (load before dosx.exe)
    lh %SystemRoot%system32redir

    REM Install DPMI support
    lh %SystemRoot%system32dosx

    Contents of config.nt everything else is REM out

    dos=high, umb



    Alt + Enter works best.


    Get into NV1 the normal way, then when you see the small screen, hit ALT+Enter at any time, your screen should go full size.

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