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    I start looking into converting our book. There has been a lot of old accounts and reports that we haven’t been using for a while from NV1.

    I wonder if it is possible to do the eliminations of the old stuffs at the same time when doing the conversion to NV2, so that only the currents are going to NV2.




    All accounts and transactions will be converted to NV2. If the books have been purged then the transaction history will be converted starting from the last fiscal year end in which the books have been purged. See your Odd’s & Ends document for the fiscal year end date that has been set.

    ATYPE or TAYYPE your accounts (see Appendix B in the NV2 user’s manual about ATYPE or TAYPE) and then move your old accounts to a new report called OLDACCTS.
    Run the NVEXPORT procedure to export the NV1 data and NV1 Import (from your NewViews 2.0 menu) to import the exported data.

    The above will give you all of your old accounts and transactions as well as the current accounts/transactions in your NV2 books and have them placed in their account types under NewViews > Accounts.

    If you wish to eliminate the old accounts altogether, this requires that you create a template of your books (with the same accounting structure) and then export/import opening balances with the EXPOPEN procedure in which you can choose an Opening Date. Adjust your Opening entries journal to reflect the old accounts not used.

    Once done, you can then export all transactions within a specified date range using the EXPALLTR procedure.

    Once done, you can delete your old accounts in this new set of books and then convert them to NV2.

    Make backups of your new books after each step and compare balances with your current books to ensure that the numbers are correct.




    Martin: Related question

    I used EXPSETUP to create a duplicate set of books. With auditor date at Zero. I then used EXPALLTR. Set Beg Date at zero and ending at Year end.

    However, when I imported (no error) I found that not all entries imported. Any suggestions why?


    Do you have the following in the NOTES view of EXPALLTR:


    Have the original books been purged? Did you fill in the correct Journal Report name on the EXPALLTR prompt?



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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