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    Dosbox works with NV1 quite well. I have membership in several non-profit books and would like to use a thumb drive on my notebook for away from the office. Dosbox is a must because my notebook is win8. The Thumb drive when used on my notebook will not recognize nv.exe and I can’t install it on the Thumb because the NewViews install disks are the small diskettes. The shell comes up and all other files are recognized. How do I get nv.exe to work on Drive F (Thumb Dive).



    Go into the DOS BOX options script and go to the end of the script and enter the following line under [autoexec]

    mount f f:

    Save the settings in notepad and run DOS Box again.

    Regards to All,




    that’s what I had. What that does is bring up the NV shell. When I click on Books, an error comes up and says It can’t find nvc.exe. Thta’s strange in one way because my Dosbox autoexec file final line is f:dosprogsnvnv.exe



    Figured it out. Something overlooked. A bad nv.exe file. So, now we are moving along to the next propblem, but getting better. Have to figure out how to get the cursor to show.

    Later. The cursor is working because it moves the page up and down. Is there some way to change the cursor code in the Odds & Ends outside of it?

    Later again. maybe the cursor is okay, perhaps the color of the cursor is what needs changing.

    Anyone with ideas?

    Much later: Looks like I will have to bring my notebook with me to use NV Dosbox because it works there but not on the thumb.

    That doesn’t work because when I turn off my fkeys on Win8 they don’t work in NV. I think the best thing is to get Win 8 32 bits and forget Dosbox.



    This is really a late reply, but you didn’t mention is you went into Odds & Ends and changed the cursor number and the colors.



    New report I have an installation of NV1 working completely off a USB Stick. No workarounds. Click on the desktop icon and away you go. A breakthrough. What has happened is that the new DOS version has broken away from games. The new variation is vdos.exe. And even a later vdosplus.exe. I’m using the vdos.exe because it does everything for my NV. And on Win 10, 64bit.
    Anyone else, so we can exchange info.

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