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    I have to prepare a list of donor account balances, year to date, spread over 50 report accounts. The 50 report accounts list donor accounts by running total only. The donor ledger accounts are in the month received report account with the donor’s gift ledger amount totaled to the donor’s state of domicile.50 possible reports.

    I can’t figure out any report close enough to edit for my purpose. Anyone have any ideas? And i don’t want new pages for each of the 50 report accounts. I need like the old fashioned AR report. Single line after line with name and balance.


    Do you open up a new report for each month, listing the donations received that month? Is that the 50 reports?

    If so, I assume that the names may be the same for several of the reports? Many may be new donations or one time individuals?

    Again if so, you need to have a single report listing every person (company) makes a donation.

    In each of the 50 reports you would Total To the single report, where a duplicate account for each individual (company) would be listed. Then you will be able to get the info needed.

    You can use BLKCOPY & BLKPASTE, to copy each of the 50 report accounts in the Single report. Then use SORTREPT, to organize by Name or Description (hopefully you’ve used a similar name or the same description where the person is the same. Then delete the duplicates.


    I apologize for overlooking your answer. Here is the setup. Each “state” is a report. Then, within each state are the donor accounts in the state in total only posting..

    Where I’m trying now is to simply create a read only, atuorun CD of the books so that our leaders across the country can decide what they want to review.I just entered a new question on the forum today.

    Again, I apologize for the overlook. I don’t like having someone respond for nothing. Not my nature.


    Give Martin Schapper a call at Q.W., if there is a way he would know.


    In the autorun script that you will add to the CD, use the following syntax:

    nvc books /editrt /nosafety

    Using the above syntax, the books data will be located in a folder called books on the CD. The NVC.exe file will need to be located in the directory below the books directory.

    You will have to address the read-only issue on the CD which I believe when burned to the CD will be automatically set. Make sure there is space on the CD to create the swap file for the datae.nv file and the $nvuswap.XXX file.

    Regards to All,


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