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    I converted a very small set of nv1 books (8 mb). When nv2 import completed I went into the books and clicked on every directory & sub-directory listed. It took 18 min to complete the process.

    As mentioned before, would it be possible for the Import process to preform this task? When nv2 Import is complete it prompts the user to Backup the database. However, every time one opens up the backup copy they would have to go through the 18 min process for nv2 to index (or setup the drfaults) for every directory. It would be nice if this to go into a new set of books and just get to work.


    I’ve accessed the same set of books over a network. Again on the second computer it had to Index (or set defaults) all the reports again.

    Is this because for each computer it must setup a database for each unit?

    After it completed one has to Exit the program. Upon re-entering the books, again it index’s for each directory. This process is a pain.


    When you first enter a NV2 set of books, you are prompted to run Default setup which sets up the windowing system within that database so you do not have to click on each folder and sub folder within your NV2 books tree. Default setup does not setup the report windows. The report windows and system windows will be setup once you visit the folders/sub folders for the first time.

    Once default setup is complete, NV2 informs you to backup the workstation folder after NV2 shuts down. The windowing structure of the books is stored in the workstation folder (for example C:/nv2/workstation) which includes the path and name of the books. If you copy/paste the books to N:/MYBOOKS from C:/NV2/MYBOOKS you will be asked to run a default setup again as the path is different. Default setup needs to be run only once.

    I assume you are running the lastest version of NV2 (2.04).





    Yes, I have 2.04. As the program does prompt me to run Default. But when I re-entered the books after shutting down I found it was still doing the default when I clicked on a folder. When I went through all of them, the default process only happened periodically.

    In the same set of books which ran Default, and I re-started, I just clicked on one of the Payroll Sub reports. I indexed for about 30 sec. I clicked on which I used before and no indexing. I clicked on a third which I had not accessed since re-starting and it indexed again for 30 sec.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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