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    Dear Mr Martin Schappler,

    A. This is a follow-up on my Dec 19, 2006 query on the setting-up of beginning balances. We followed your guide. At the point “Enter your opening entry transactions here in the transaction explorer.”, we encountered this problem explained in detail in the following paragraph.

    When we enter an account name and amount on the debit side, the same amount automatically appears in the credit side and we are given by the computer the account names to be credited. If we don’t select any of the account names to be credited as indicated in the monitor/screen, we can not proceed as the computer will just wait for our selection. If we delete the amount automatically indicated in the credit side, our entries of account name and amount in the debit side is simultaneously deleted. The same thing happens when we enter an account name and amount in the credit side, an equivalent amount appears in the debit side and we have to select the account name to be debited.

    On compound journal entry; the same event, as presented in the preceding paragraph, happens.

    B. Last Friday, we were trying to understand the sales register system by inputing account name and data. We noticed a duplication in the account names, so we tried to delect one of the duplicated account names. When we deleted it, the computer stopped and indicated in the screen was – .text{Encountered bug “314120040922103104” while running”d:/nv203/nv20.exe” ( on computer etc., etc. I will send to you by separate email the items (more than 20 lines) appearing in the computer screen.

    When we pressed “Help”, the computer said “Encountered bug 314120040922103104, etc., etc. Since then, the computer is stacked up. We can not proceed.

    What do we do now to correct the situation?

    When we want to delete an erroneous input, how do we correct it without going through this “encountered bug 314120040922103104”?

    Regards and Happy New Year.


    Get the latest version of NV2 from which is 2.08.15 and install it in d:/nv203 – Once installed, backup the books in d:/nv203/company f and then click nvreorganize from the NewViews 2.0 menu (windows start > All Programs or Programs > NewViews 2.0 > nvreorganize).

    Navigate to d:/nv2003/company f/ under the database directory and click reorganize everything.

    In regards to A, create an account under NewViews > Account > General and call it Journal_Balance (this account should appear on your trial balance/general ledger report) – use this account name as the credit account from the transaction explorer window and enter your details in the window below. Enter your debit amounts. The Journal_Balance Account will be added as your credit account for all the detailed entries that you make. Pay attention to the total debits and credits under the transaction explorer. To balance, both should be zero.

    Regards and Happy New Year,


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