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    My keyboards are locking out – not able to use function keys, such as Alt EA (add a column); exit; move around, etc. and error shows. Only way to clear and get keyboard function back is to Alt Ctrl Del > Task Manager > End Task.

    This is happening on two separate computers/licences, but on the same IP Address.

    Has been more frequent with the last update – 4 separate times today alone.

    Thanks Wendy


    Hello Wendy,

    I suspect that you have pressed the f(n) key on your keyboard. This F(n) key changes the behavior of the function keys.

    You’ll have to press the f(n) key and then try the function key in NV2. For example, press the F1 (which is the help key), if this key press does not position your web browser to a help topic press the F(n) key again and then press F1. again.Some keyboards display a light indicator altering you to function key switch (F(n)) toggled/selected.

    Regards to All,



    Sometimes that does work, pressing the Fn Key and then we double check to make sure that F1 comes up and it does. Other times, F1 comes up, but we still have an issue with using the function keys – Alt EA, for example, not functioning properly and it’s adding columns. We then delete the columns and have to exit the program and go back in and then the keys are working as they should be.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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