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    A long time has elapsed since the first release of NV2, but the language issue never seems to be addressed. From day one I have had the following problems, which are related to the language limitations of NV2 and to the reporting with Excel.

    It is still not possible to use a “Non” english character; this is really anoying for me. In fact my books still have a lot of french characters, in older transactions created prior to the NV2 days and imported from NV1. I have corrected most of the account descriptions; but it is a very tedious task.

    Also, the use of Excel for reporting has been another major problem for me. I cannot print cheques or invoices, since it has to go through Excel. I have to use an external system for these tasks.

    Plus, any report to Excel is rather useless to me, since I cannot use the spreadsheet itself for any calculations. All numbers in every cell are a “text” because of the different use of decimal and thousand separators. On a small spreadsheet I can manually retype the numbers, but on a bigger one, this is really not feasible. I just created a report with over 150 columns; can you image the amount of time it would take to retype every single entry?

    Lastly, I have never liked Excel and I do not like using Excel. I am not happy to be forced to use that software; and not even by Microsoft, but by a third-party. In computing we should never be forced to use one software by another software maker.

    So, my question is: “Are you planning very soon to allow the use of you software by any « Non English » users”?

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