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    In another posting, I had mentioned that my sales each month do NOT report the accurate sales figures; as the last few days of sales invoices (each months) are NOT reflected on the sales reports. This happens every single month.

    In the interim period, which has been well over 6 months I have had to do custom reports in order to figure out the amount of sales that should be reflected in a particular month. Too time consuming and frustrating.

    The problem is supposed to be fixed in 2.09 which should have been released more than a several months ago…as I was promised since September of 2006…it is now almost March of 2007.

    In the past few months I have noticed the exact same problem when we are doing are monthly bank reconciliations. This past month (January 2007) we had one bank transaction which took place on Janaury 31st, which is not included in the bank rec report (under the account…bank..reconcile option), but when I go to change the date to Feb 1st, I see the Jan 31st transaction along with the other 20 Feb 1st transactions. Other than manually adjusting my bank rec each month, I think this problem should NOT exist.

    I hope this problem doesn’t impact another other functions in NV2.

    I cannot urge how important the solution to these problems is and how much aggravation and time it is wasting on our end. I really would appreciate a solid answer ASAP. I have been patient since the summer of 2006 for a fix to the problem. Along with an answer I would like a phone call to discuss the matter as I do not want to wait 10-15 in cue to speak to someone today!

    905-857-3266 ext.229

    If anyone else has seen this problem, please let me know how you are coping.



    I know about your problem and have forwarded it for review.

    Upload another copy of your books so I can test it in 2.09 ub regards to the bank reconciliation problem.




    I know we’ve discussed this and perhaps the fix is out of your hands for the time being. I will have a copy of a set of books uploaded for you.

    We are running 7 sets of books and the problem exists in each of the sets.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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