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    I copied the NV! books to a new computer and installed NV2 on this computer. We are still running NV1 on the old computer. On the new computer I selected the books and ran the nvexport and then the import. I had no problems that I know of so far.

    When I click on workstation on the desktop and I enter NewViews and get to where I can see the gatewaynightmare, I do not see the books I created. I can’t find them nor do I seem to know how to find them.

    I can find the books with windows explorer. I have copied the client directory in which I had NV1 books. I have copied this client directory to every location possible and I still can’t get find them in NV2. Help I’m lost. The client directory has the nv1_nv2 and the same three file names as the ones under gatewaynightmare. I have created the juststartingnightmare. I have read appendix B and haven’t found a solution. What am I doing wrong?

    Lost in NV2 land.


    Once you’ve launched “workstation” on your desktop:

    Position your cursor on the “directory” column and press F3. Then navigate your way to the correct directory. Hit enter then position your cursor on the “state” column and again press F3. Click on “open” and you’re off to the races.

    Hope this answers your question.



    Thank you Art. I found the books and it is doing its setup or something. Screens are a flashing. Thanks again for the info.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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