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    Called JIG by NV.

    I’m always defending myself when I tell people that I don’t insist that clients learn all the SLASH Commands. Instead I set up the books with at least 20 Macros which eliminate the hundreds of keystrokes (actually thousands of keystrokes when you consider how many keys you press each day).

    And no you do not have to be a Programmer or Look funny (not talking about you Bob) to be able to create your own.

    Just read pages 7 to13 in the NPL Programmers Guide. Ignore the rest of the manual unless you like to punish yourself.

    For example on page 11, everyone of my clients have this macro assigned to F10. Replace the “bank” with the account name of your bank account. Also add ^X to the end of the macro (this will place the cursor on the next Blank line and ready to enter the Date, again one less keystroke saved). You may also fine it clearer to use the ~ rather than the ‘ , if nothing else its easier to see.

    Ask yourself what Slash Commands do I use most and write a Macro duplicating the keystrokes. I’ll bet you will find it easy and soon you’ll wonder why you ever pressed / D E (I like F2 for this) and / D C (F3).

    Have fun.

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