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    We’re about a week into our transition from NV1 to NV2. We’re currently running as a single user.

    From all I’ve read here about performance, and with what has been suggested by the consultant, it looks as though I’m in the market for a dedicated server to go multi-user.

    A high end Desktop with XP Pro SP2 and a Raid array is what I’m considering.

    How does one go about moving what is currently on Desktop 1 to “Server 1”. Just a bit concerned I guess about the licensing issues, if any.



    On the new server:

    – Install NV2

    – Copy the ‘books’ database from the original machine onto the server drive (location not important – put it somewhere that makes sense to you.)

    – Run the NV2 Server program (Start > All Programs > NewViews 2.0 > Server)

    – Click Ok to the “Create a server” prompt.

    – On the top (buff coloured) server window, insert a line and click on “File”

    – [F3] to pop up the “Select a Database” window and navigate to the database file you copied from the original machine. Click “Select”.

    – Back on the server line, press [F5] to insure the line is recorded.

    – Determine the machine name and I.P. number. Right-click on “My Computer”, choose “Properties”, then click the “Computer Name” tab. Note the “Full Computer Name”. For the I.P. number: Start > Run > Command. In the console window, type: ipconfig [Enter]. Note the IP Address. Type exit [Enter].

    On the (original) workstation:

    – Insure you can connect to the server machine:

    Start > Run > Command. In the console window, type: ping [Enter]. (Substitute the name you noted in the previous step.) (Don’t put <> around the name.) You *SHOULD* see “reply from ..” repeat several times.

    If not then try: ping [Enter] (Substitute the IP number you noted in the previous step.) (Don’t put <> around the number.) You *SHOULD* see “reply from ..” repeat several times.

    If neither of these worked, then you have a network problem that must be resolved before NV2 will work.

    – Run NV2.

    – On the line you originally opened the books with, in the “Server” field, type in the computer name or IP number (whichever worked. If both worked, you can use either.)

    – Click on the “File” field and press [F3]. You *should* get a little select box showing the database filename you set in the server. Click Select.

    – Change the state from Closed to Open as usual.

    Licensing Issues:

    Right now the server is not ‘licenced’, so you will likely get some sort of notification to that effect (without testing it, I can’t recall exactly when.) So, you will need to contact Q.W.Page and purchase a license for the server. You can do this over the phone (have your Visa or MasterCard ready.) (Call when you are in front of the server machine with NV2 already installed.)



    Thanks for the information Bob.

    It’s very much appreciated.


    BTW, in case I didn’t mention it before, the consultant we are using is VERY informative. ;-)

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