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    I had my computer upgraded to XP and 1 Gig Ram in order to run NV2 well. I did this for 5 other computers in our organization where I want it running eventually. I need a bit of help:

    1. The upgrade to XP has resulted in my DOS window for NV1 slowing everything else down on the computer to an unreasonable level. (This does not happen on my home XP machine.) Is this because my operating system was upgraded rather than being a clean install? Can you suggest a solution?

    2. When I compare the performance of two machines running NV2, both XP, both P4 1 Gig ram, there are huge differences. My machine at work takes 2.5 hours to convert a set of books, whereas my machine at home can do it in a half an hour. What is happening? This is identical set of books, machines dedicated to the conversion and nothing else.

    3. I have speed issues on my machine at work – inserting an account, or deleting an entry takes an unreasonably long amount of time. (I do not believe this speed issue is related to setting up the windows as is mentioned in other posts.)

    Thanks for your assistance,


    Randy Walton

    Hi Dan,

    On your machine at work,

    right click on My Computer and Choose Properties.

    Click on the Hardware tab, then on the Device Manager button.

    Click the + beside IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.

    Double click on the Storage Controllers item (this may say Intel something Storage Controller or something similiar).

    Click on the Driver tab and check to see what name is beside the Driver Provider.

    I suspect this says Microsoft. This is the generic Windows XP driver that ususally gets installed on upgraded machines. It works because it is generic and will work with almost any IDE storage controller, but it is not efficient or fast. If it is the Microsoft one you will need help from your hardware vendor to find, download and install the proper manufacturers IDE driver and you will see a dramatic increase in speed. It would be interesting to check out your home machine and see what driver it is using.


    In your DOS NewViews (NV1), cursor down to key board polling which currently is set to ON. Press enter on it which will turn it off. This will fix your problem of NV1 slowing down your computer at work.

    Also, another you can do is to set the idle sensitivity in your NV1 icon properties to low.




    Excellent suggestion, Martin

    Excel used to take over a minute to load with NV1 running – now it’s five seconds

    Many thanks


    Any specific drivers that you would recommend other than Microsoft?

    Also, will this improve the ‘HD Tach’ performance results?


    Check the device manager on your system and review the appropriate device(s) on your system. Right mouse click on the device and select propeties. Select the driver tab and note the driver provider.

    Go to the device makers web site and download their drivers to use for your system.



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