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    We already have the new cheques that meet the new Canadian banking standards. I see that a PD has been released for NV1 that allows users to print cheques to the new standard. In NV2 the OCR check date and new text fields are selectable from the Print Cheque routines, but none of the templates for cheques include the OCR Check Date field or adjustable text fields.

    When will templates be available for NV2 that feature the new cheque standards?


    The NV2 CPA templates for Excel will be released with version 2.09 of NV2 which should be ready for release by the middle of September 2006. These templates match the templates offered in PD7 of NV1.

    The two new slot names added to these templates are:


    If you are currently using 2.08.7 and above you can copy your existing templates in excel and replace the CHECKDATE with OCRCHECKDATE (Insert > Name > Define) and add the OCRDATEGUIDE field below the OCRCHECKDATE field.

    See the NewViews 2.08 manual > Printing > Printing Documents > Document Templates > Check Date & Amount Formating for more details.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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