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    Released – September 13, 2013

    What’s New

    Printing Templates verified in Excel 2013

    NV2 works with many versions of Excel (97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013). However the default print margins (top, bottom, left, right) vary in size depending on the version of Excel. Recent versions of Excel caused several templates to print on more than 1 page. All printing templates have now been checked and verified to work with Excel 2013.

    Behavior Changes

    Homing in on numeric values in highlighted columns was improved.

    When you Ctrl-Click on a column title and position within that column you can “home in” on an item as you type a column value.

    However NewViews items are sorted using a dictionary sort so there are differences in behaviour between what you might expect and what actually happens when you home in on numeric values. NewViews eliminated the difference, but only for the first numeric value encountered in the field. For example if you were homing in on a telephone number such as 555-946-8532, the 555 part would behave as expected and then revert to the dictionary style on the 946 and 8632 numeric components of the field. This release eliminates the differences for all numeric components of the field value and homes in as expected for all 555, 946 and 8632 components of the telephone number example.

    Note that this improvement can be very convenient when homing in on account names where the names are actually numbers broken into components such as 1200-120.

    Problem / Bug Fixes

    Under multiuser access, long-duration all-or-nothing operations could freeze.

    This was a rare but very annoying bug. Long-duration all-or-nothing operations are the ones that display red progress bars. The bug could occur when two workstations attached to the same server attempted such operations at almost exactly the same moment. What could happen was that the server and all workstations attached to it could appear to freeze with a red progress bar displayed. This release fixes the problem.

    The database_template_import script had an intermittent bug.

    The database_template_import script could, under relatively rare circumstances, report a bug. This only occurred on large imports and this release fixes the problem.

    In some circumstances, pressing [F3] to select a Pick Root in Define Columns prompt would crash NewViews.

    A bug that prevented over-riding automatic printing Titles 1, 2 and 3 has been fixed.

    A bug that broke the ability to enter a calculator style expression (e.g. 100*1.13) in a purchase or sales detail item total has been fixed.

    This bug was was introduced in the previous release (2.26.0).

    A few rare bugs that caused a “peer does not exist” error in the workstation window system have been fixed.

    Excel 2013, when printing templated forms, reported an error (Activate method of Range class failed).

    This “bug” was introduced in Excel 2013 so this release incorporates a work-around that corrects the problem in a way that is compatible with prior versions of Excel (Q.W. Page tested Excel 97, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013).

    When an error occurred posting payroll pay checks the payroll preview window was not dismissed. Edits to the payrun and other underlying data values were allowed, after which a re-post could create errors or unexpected behavior. This release dismisses the payroll preview when an error occurs posting paychecks.

    Using a calendar to pick an end date for the last column of a multiple period analysis, or the last row of an account history analysis, would in some circumstances cause the last column, or the last row, to ommit transactions from the last day of the range.

    Note that typing the range end date did not cause this error. It would only occur when the calendar was used to pick an end date.

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