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    Released – May 1, 2014

    Problem / Bug Fixes

    At times the Edit>Copy command would not update the clipboard.

    If the table you were attempting to copy a cell from had a block or selection marked then the Edit>Copy command did nothing.

    Print>Consolidation Analysis reported a bug and stopped. This release fixes the problem.

    The Quantity (or Qty), Rate and Amount arithmetic was incorrect in some circumstances for GENERAL and BANK transactions. This release fixes the problem.

    Infinite loop could happen when error message displayed.

    When an error message was displayed, if you double-clicked on NewViews under the error message, NewViews would report yet another error as a infinite loop.

    Payrun process attempting to post to deleted accounts.

    If in the time between a payrun creation and its processing an employer expense or withholding account is deleted an error occurred. Employer accounts that are posted to during payrun processing are found on the payrun settings tab. They are copied from the last payrun by default and can be edited if the structure of your books changes. However, if any employer account selected was deleted before the payrun was processed, NewViews attempted to post to a deleted account.

    Block Copy/Paste transaction detail items is more robust.

    In some circumstances copying and pasting transaction detail items from one transaction to another was not very “forgiving”. For example, if detail items were copied from a transaction where a different account was specified for each item but in the destination transaction the account was already specified in the header an error occurred. This release will accept the destination header account and complete the paste without error.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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