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    we would like to order one (l) license for NV 2. However, we do not have a credit card wherein we can charge our order. In this case, would you allow us to remit our payment thru telegraphic transfer? if so, please advise your bank details. Thank you.



    i don’t know where to direct our query regarding mode of payment for the purchase of license for NV 2. we at eei have already ordered one (1) licensse for one of our subsidiaries, (GAIC) and this is now being used by GAIC. we woould like to order another license for another one of our subsidiaries, eei realty corp., so we would like to know if you will accept payment by telegraphich transfer. if so, kindly advise your bank details.
    will somebody at q. w. page answer our query please.
    thank you.



    Please direct your query to





    Good day! Thanks a lot to Mr. Martin Schappler for telling us to direct our query to QW Page Sales Dept. We have sent an e-mail to your Sales Department but up to now we have not yet received any reply. Will somebody at New Views help us please! While waiting for your reply, we are also trying our very best to comply with your payment requirement, i.e. via credit card. We just want to know how secure is it for us to send our credit card number thru internet. Will it be encrypted and protected from unauthorized use by others?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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