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    Several months ago I installed Windows XP Professional on the PC, replacing the “Home Edition” used previously. Although I did not have to re-install Newviews2, I no longer have the Utilities such as “nvcheck”, etc. appearing in my menu.

    As I recall, it’s simply a matter of using the proper “command line switches” but I can’t seem to get them to work.

    Peter Weber



    The command line switches are:

    To run nvcheck:

    C:2.08.18nv20.exe -script c:/2.08.18/nv20.exe/system/nvcheck.qw_script

    To nvreorganize:

    C:2.08.18nv20.exe -script c:/2.08.18/nv20.exe/system/nvreorganize.qw_script

    To run a server:

    C:2.08.18nv20.exe -server

    To run NV1 Import:

    C:2.08.18nv20.exe -script c:/2.08.18/nv20.exe/object/newviews/batch_import.qw_script

    I suggest that you backup your NV2 folder to a USB key and download the latest NV2 version and install it on your system which will recreate the the NV2 utilities on your Windows system.

    The above command line switches assune you have installed NV2 in a folder called 2.08.18 on the root of the C drive.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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