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    I am printing my GL accounts for year end and I cannot get the program to print the proper opening balance no matter how I set my dates…..

    Barb Miller


    Check the Normal Representation of the account(s) by clicking on the accounts button > Setup. I suuspect the Normal Rep is set to Periodic. Change it to Perpetuaal (F3 to pick). Block the account and then Print > Account Ledgers with the Opening Balance Date with the Begin and End Dates you have chosen.

    To avoid changing the Normal Rep on the account, select an opening balance date prior to the opening entries in your application database (Jan 1, 1980 for example).

    This method is the opposite to the way NV1 performed PRTACCTS.

    Regards to All,



    I’m trying to get my printing of reports faster. (NV1/ print/document)

    When printing a single report. I chose print/all and display. Currently I’m not using a template. After the report is sent to excel, I like to hide certain cloumns (line number, folder, C, U etc.) Is there a way I can set-up a template to automatically hide the columns I don’t want to print?

    Teri Pearl



    In NV2 click on the report you wish to print before making any changes and press F11 (or right mouse click Window > Define Columns) and click the new button. Click Yes and then remove the copy of description next to Current Settings and enter a unique description (Excel Report perhaps) and press enter. The name you had entered will appear in the report Title Bar. Click on the Report table and remove the unwanted columns and when done press F11 again.

    Click after the last character in your description above and press enter. This will save the change.

    Once done, you can use this Window layout to print to Excel. Click the Accounts button to see all of your saved window layouts.



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