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    Just created a cash flow report in NV2. At the bottom of the report I have an account called “Cash balance beginning of period” with an account type of “Opening”.

    When I set the report definition…F11…to the period and say “yes” to respect balances, the opening cash balance does not change based on my beginning date; even after I press F5.

    Is the the problem addressed in Service Pack 16? I have not installed 16 because I did not want to sacrafice the speed.

    Any ideas?



    Service Pack 16 will not help with this. This service pack is for user’s who have introduced semi-loops in their NV2 books and then change a total-to account which caused an error in 2.08.15.

    Are the accounts that total to this account set to periodic? In a trial balance you want your balance sheet account (perpetual) totaling to the proof account with the Retained earnings set to Open and have have your periodic accounrs (set to periodic) totaling to the Retained Earnings account. The retained earnings account would total to the proof account like the perpetual.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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