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    Although I have successfully imported my books – a number of times! using various combinations of ATYPE-ing and TATYPE-ing and NO-TYPE-ing, the original structure of my books has disappeared…in every case. For example, I have set up a number of separate projects with separate receivables and payables that total to my main Balance Sheet and Income Statements under their own categories – but in NV2, they’re all in one blob.

    And every time I try to re-organize them by setting up sub-folders – I can’t do it. Nor can I cut and paste anything. Nor can I Delete payroll etc which I never use and have no postings. The intuitive (and logical) structure I set up – and LOVED in NV1 seems to have disappeared. Is there anything around all this that I am missing?

    Grateful for any hint..



    The original structure of your NV1 books is intact under the “Report” branch.

    In addition to the original “Report” structure of NV1, NV2 has new collections of all your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales, Expenses, etc.

    If your DOS books have 30 reports, then the NV2 database will also have the same 30 reports. If you have separate projects, they will still be separate under “Report”. Your “Receivables” will also be separate under “Report”, however all accounts that were ATYPE’d “Customer” will also appear together under “Account/Accounts Receivable”.

    Your accounts are not duplicated in NV2, they can appear on more than one table. Your “Bank” account should be under Account/Bank and on a report, e.g. Trail Balance.

    One suggestion is to TATYPE the “Total Revenue (Sales)” account on the consolidated Income Statement. This will ATYPE all accounts totalling to “Total Revenue (Sales)” as Revenue accounts, no matter where they are in the books (a tremendous time saver). Run TATYPE again on the “Total Expense” account on the consolidated Income Statement and all expense accounts in the books will be typed “Expense”.

    You should then ATYPE the employee accounts last (because many or all of the employee accounts will have been incorrectly ATYPE’d as expenses). If you forget to ATPYE the employee accounts they will be converted automatically to type Employee, but the NV1 to NV2 import will take longer.

    Reports in NV2 can have sub-reports.
    Accounts in NV2 cannot (yet) have sub-accounts.


    Jack ( and all the team!),

    Thanks for the suggestions. Am slowly making my way through this knowing that the end of the tunnel will be well worth it! So far, my ATYPE choices and TATYPE choices have been ok (except for the total mush merging!), but will try some of the suggestions re: descriptions and moving.

    You guys have a loyal customer base that is rare in this day-and-age. Glad to see you all value it. Thanks for all your help.



    In NV1 I used to post all my sales in A/R and all my expenses through A/P including payments in order to be able to run the GST report.

    When I do this in NV2 I don’t seem able to print invoices through the A/R nor get the gst showing in the A/R

    Any Ideas


    Does anyone in the Woodstock area use NV2?
    Sure would like to connect with someone who does. Have been an NV1 user
    for over 15 years and am having difficulty adapting to NV2. Need someone
    to “bounce” questions off of, if they might want to help.


    Not in Woodstock but I am in Hartsdale, Westchester NY. Like you I am a long time user.

    Feel free to post and I will answer if I can.



    Hi there
    Thank you for the reply, but I guess I should have mentioned Woodstock, Ontario Canada. Thanks anyway. SClark


    Hello SClark,
    Is Stratford Ontario close enough? Feel free to call and introduce yourself.
    519-271-4552 ext 14
    Megan Jentz

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