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    I had a problem appear out of nowhere with NV1 after years of use. When opening the program in full-screen mode, a blue box quickly appears in the middle of a black screen with an error message “Out of Range” and some numbers (too fast to read), then returns to the desktop. Apparently for DOS programs, this could be caused by a refresh rate for the monitor set too high, but I tried resetting it at all other listed rates with no difference. Also tried setting the program to be compatible with Windows 95, 98, etc., again with no effect. Startin from nv.exe rather than the icon also made no difference. I know about changing the properties to window rather than full-screen and then doing ALT, enter to maximize it, but this is a bit of a pain. I am using XP Pro with 2GB of RAM. Anybody have this problem and a resolution to it?


    I’d start with downloading the correct video drivers for your video card. Go to the manufacturers web site and download and install them.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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