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    I have a client that is paying into a private rrsp for his workers.
    It is calculated per hour of work.
    In nv1 we created an earning account and a deduction account.
    We created a user deduction code with npl to calculate this based on the time input on the regular earnings.

    Name ~DRSP.U2
    Description Calculate rrsp per hour

    !@library dih1prcd
    !Copyright: Thomas Thibodeau Dihedral Video Services Ltd
    ! RR#3 Newport, Hants Co. N.S.
    ! June 04, 2003
    ! Calculates rrsp based on hours worked D=RSP R= rate per hour
    ! add account ???-rrsp and normal debit no code for earning
    ! add account ???-rrsp1 normal credit with deduction codes
    ! add E=R to make it tax exempt

    @declare taxinc% = 14 ! taxable income
    @declare rrsp% = 20 !rrsp amount to calculate El CPP & Income tax
    @declare ytd% = 54 !year to date amount before this calculation
    @declare rate% = 56 !rate listed R=
    @declare deduct$= 61 !Deduction code D= code
    @declare mess$ = 62 !message
    @declare hours% = 48 !Total Hours of work for pay period
    @declare emp$ = 83 !employee prefix

    !user variable 125 to 135

    @declare total% = 125
    @declare acct% = 126

    @mul total% = hours% * rate%

    @if<> total% , “0”
    @stradd acct% = emp$ + “-“
    @stradd acct% = acct%+”R”
    @stradd acct% = acct% + deduct$
    @add ytd% = ytd% + total%
    @format ytd% = ytd% ,”310″

    @mul total% = total% * “-1”
    @format total% = total% ,”311″
    @stradd mess$ = “RRSP With YTD =” + ytd%
    @exec mess$.
    @exec total% . .
    @add taxinc% = taxinc% + total%
    @mov rrsp% = total%
    @format total% = total% ,”310″
    @mov mess$ = “RRSP Accrued “
    ~cu ~ea
    @exec acct% .
    @exec mess$ .
    @exec total% . .

    Is there any way to do this with nv2 without having to input the time twice.
    Once for the regular and then again for rrsp.

    What I see that would work would be if in the rrsp earning account we could enter a code in the time/quantity field that would use the time variable entered in the regular earning.

    We also need to deduct an amount for long term disability insurance
    based on hours worked.

    Thomas Thibodeau

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