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    I just did a reorganize on my payroll codes to better reflet our labor costs; it invoved renaming all the accounts of all of my employees. I did reflect these changes in my Report Codes.

    Now when I run Payroll report it is getting the answers wrong. It claims I wrote a 600,000+ check on my last payroll but when I go back to the payment detail the check is more like 300.00. Any suggestions?

    I am running a reorganize this weekend in hopes of improvement.



    Check the column cell name in your Excel template (Insert > Name > Define) and compare it with the Payroll Report Code window in NV2 for that cell definition with the employee in question. Is there multiple account suffixes for that employee that match the cell specified in the NV2 Payroll Report Code table that Excel is reporting on?

    I would need to see the:

    Payroll Report Code Window
    Employee Paayroll Record (Account Setup)
    The excel template and your current output.




    This is line 56 on the Payroll report codes

    This is the result of line 56 in the excel file that is generated with Payroll Report for October 30 Check

    JLH 31,121.00

    This is a copy of his paycodes in account setup

    JLH-BAR Wages Gross Bar debit
    JLH-BAR1 Wages Gross Bar debit
    JLH-PHR Wages Gross PH Roasting debit
    JLH-OTBAR Wages Gross Bar debit
    JLH-OTPHS Wages Gross PH Shipping debit
    JLH-OTPHR Wages Gross PH Roasting debit
    Wages Gross Bar debit
    Wages Gross Bar debit
    JLH-VACACC +/- Vacation Accrual debit
    JLH-VACPAD Wage Gross Vacation Paid debit
    JLH-VACREV +/- Vacation Accrual credit
    JLH-TIPTAX Wages Gross TIPS earned debit
    JLH-BONUS Wages Gross Bonus debit
    JLH-ADV Deduction Misc. Taxed (Advance) debit
    JLH-BHP Deduction Healthcare Premium debit
    JLH-SIMACC +/- SIMPLE Vivace debit
    JLH-SIMREV +/- SIMPLE Vivace credit
    JLH-GROSS ***Total Gross Wages*** debit
    JLH-SIMPLE Deduction SIMPLE employee credit
    JLH-HSA Deduction HSA Wells Fargo credit
    JLH-REB Reimbursement Added No Tax credit
    JLH-TIPREV Deduction Tips taken at bar debit
    JLH-LIBAR Deduction Labor & Industries credit
    JLH-LIPH Deduction Labor & Industries credit
    JLH-FIT Deduction FIT credit
    JLH-FICA Deduction FICA credit
    JLH-MEDI Deduction MEDI credit
    JLH-DEDUCT ***Total Deductions*** credit
    JLH-NET ***Net Wages*** debit

    This is the Check detail for October 30

    Account Account Description Description Hrs/Qty Rate Amount Total
    JLH-BAR Wages Gross Bar 46*8 YTD= 6242.00 46 8.00 368.00 368.00
    JLH-PHR Wages Gross PH Roasting Roasting 25.0*15 YTD= 4568.25 25 15.00 375.00 743.00
    JLH-OTBAR Wages Gross Bar Overtime 0.25*12 YTD= 6.00 0 12.00 3.00 746.00
    JLH-VACACC +/- Vacation Accrual Vacation @ 2% available @ 1 year 0 0.00 14.92 760.92
    JLH-VACREV +/- Vacation Accrual Vacation Accrued YTD= 222.09 0 0.00 (14.92) 746.00
    JLH-TIPTAX Wages Gross TIPS earned Tips YTD= 966.26 0 82.00 82.00 828.00
    JLH-TIPREV Deduction Tips taken at bar TIPS earning 0 0.00 (82.00) 746.00
    JLH-LIBAR Deduction Labor & Industries L&I 46 0.09 (4.37) 741.63
    JLH-LIPH Deduction Labor & Industries OTHER deduction 25 0.20 (5.08) 736.55
    JLH-FIT Deduction FIT F.I.T YTD = 1018.83 0 0.00 (76.13) 660.42
    JLH-FICA Deduction FICA F.I.C.A. YTD = 748.37 0 0.00 (51.34) 609.08
    JLH-MEDI Deduction MEDI Medicare YTD = 175.04 0 0.00 (12.01) 597.07
    EFICA.EXP FICA EXPENSE JLH Employer FICA 0 0.00 51.34 648.41
    EFICA.ACC Employer FICA Cont. Accrued JLH Employer FICA 0 0.00 (51.34) 597.07
    EMEDI.EXP MEDI EXPENSE JLH Employer Medicare 0 0.00 12.01 609.08
    EMEDI.ACC Employer Medicare Cont Accrued JLH Employer Medicare 0 0.00 (12.01) 597.07


    Oh yes there it is! It’s the PHR* that is the problem. That was from when I was trying to see if the codes recognized wild cards, you know like PH* to get all wages in that catagory, and I failed to take it out.

    It looks much better now. I need to do that reorg anyway.



    Good Stuff!



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