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    The NV Payroll Reports are not readily available. The procedure PRREPORT does have several default reports, but I did not find them very useful.

    I’ve modified some of the PRR templates to produce the following:

    Earnings & Deductions Report
    Detailed Earnings Report
    Detailed Deductions Report
    Personal Information Report

    I’ve sent copies to Bob and hopefully they will clean them up and make them part of the basic templates.

    Or if anyone would like my rough copies just ask.

    You will have to modify the templates to show the actual Extensions used for payroll Earnings and Deductions in your company.

    I’ve asked Bob to consider creating a Revenue Canada Remitted report, but he is too involved with NV2 and does not have the time. Anyone interested?


    1. Please send me your rough copies

    2. Also let me know how I can increase additional Address slots above @Adr7
    so that I can read more information from the notes view onto the payslip template
    Goolam, South Africa


    Send me an email

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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