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    I am trying to set up some payroll accounts for faster data entry- I have set up the pick root to expense on the time card- is there any way to set this to select only the wage expenses accounts- right now when I use the F3, all expense accounts are coming up for available selection. I was sure we had this set up in an earlier version, but we can’t seem to get it to work right now.
    Can anyone help


    Subfolder your wage expense accounts that you wish to pick from into a folder called Wages. For example, under NewViews > Account > Expense click on the Accounts tab button and select Folder Management. Create a new line called WAGES as the name and under type select Folder (F3) with a description of Wage Expenses.

    Move all of your applicable wage expense accounts to the WAGES folder by pressing F3 under the folder column of the account and select Folders > Expense > Wage Expenses. Double click on Wage Expenses to select.

    You can use Tools > Fill Column to quickly select the accounts applicable to move to the Wage Expenses folder by blocking accounts.

    Once done, change your timecard pick root to


    Regards to All,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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