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    Hi Martin I am currently working on a nifty Excel VBA application which will create hyperlinks from the financial statements tab to the account details tab and take you back to the financials when you are finished looking at the details. It also moves up and down the report hierarchy on the financials itself so Excel users can quicky see what totals to what.

    When this is done the auditors will never ask us to print something again!!

    Anyway, the reason for the question is that using the Print Report Details when printing a block of reports – say balance sheet type reports always prints to the same sheet and the same row in execl provided the workbook is open. Now that is excellent – but the only problem is it in the wrong place and I have not told NV to do this? How is NV making the decision as to where to print

    By the way I am a few versions behind Version 2.17 Sevice Pack 2.

    You probably should expand the areas we can post these queries to as this is def not an installation issue – also I am sure others with VBA experience might like to take a look at my code update it tweak it etc but there is not really a forum for that type of interaction yet.

    Happy New Year



    Hello John,

    It appears Print > Detail Window when printing to the same sheet for multiple reports, is counting the number of rows within each report and then adding a row and appending the next report below the added row.

    I guess for formatting you should not have too many blank lines at the bottom of your reports in NewViews.

    I’ll add some more expanded areas to this forum in the future.

    Happy New Year to all,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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