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    How can I print a journal in a standard accounting way, or with an approximation?

    Date – Ref – Description – Amount – Debit account – Credit account

    And then there are instances of transactions with multiple details. How would that work?


    I have been able to create a template that sort of works. But there are some problems.
    I am working with the Purchase Journal.

    I issue the menu option: Print Block
    In the prompt, I enter the information needed, including the template name and location.
    The resulting report is the same as if I had not placed a template.
    The template is ignored. Why is that the case?

    If I use the menu option: Print Invoices and specify the same template, it print correctly, except for the fact that all the data is adjusted to fit on one page, as if it was an invoice. It is then impossible to print a full month or a year of journal entries.


    Block the desired Purchase Journal Entries and then issue Print > Detail Windows and set lines 1 to 3 to None (Press F3 to select) and Include Empty to No. This will output all entries to one sheet.

    You can set Item Separator to Sheet if you wish each item to appear on a separate sheet.

    Regards to All,



    Thank you for the reply.

    But I am still wondering why, when issuing the Print Block command and entering a template name that the template is ignored.

    My template works well for the Purchase Journal. I would like to be able to use it.


    There are 2 different type of templates in NewViews.

    One is a document template, used to print checks, invoices orders and reports.
    The other is a table template used to format the printout of newviews tables. This templates control the formating of the printout. (margins, centering of page, fonts , headers and footers)
    When you are positioned a journal and print all or print block you are printing a table.
    The only thing the template will do at that point is control the formating and not the data that is printing.
    I believe this is why you say the template is ignored. You are using a document template but printing a table.


    Thank you. I understand.

    Suggestion : the prompt should clearly indicate “Table Template” or “Document Template”.

    Now, what about the General Journals?

    It is very difficult to print that kind of journal. Is it possible to do it?

    One Debit, One Credit
    One Debit, Many Credits
    Many Debits, One Credit
    Many Debits, Many Credits

    I need to make the data available to people in the organization outside of NewViews. I want to create 2 types of files:
    1) Transactions for each ledger account for the period (that is working fine)
    2) All journal entries – I can manage with the Purchase, Sales, Deposit, Payment journals. But the General Journal is very complicated to produce. How can I do it?


    For now, use the Print Detail Windows in the General Journal which will print the details and then Block All of the General Journal ledger. Once both are in excel, you will move to merge the ledger with the details manually.

    A better method for performing this task will be included in the next update to NV2.

    Regards to All,


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