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    I was trying to print a report using “consolidated analysis” on the print menu. I tried to select “ledger” under index, but it wouldn’t select. I received the following error message when I tried to print.

    {Encountered bug “271820070912101120” while running “c:/nv/nv2.exe” ( on computer “your-8ed6a5e540”.}
    .help_id 314120050312171551
    /c8 {
    .priority bug
    .log {
    .type bug
    .date 20100222113824
    .nameofexecutable c:/nv/nv2.exe
    .hostname your-8ed6a5e540
    .stack {
    .6 {::qw::bug 271820070912101120 {::qw::print::windows::table detected broken table. Contact Q.W. Page technical support.}}
    .5 column_widths
    .4 pagesetup_column_widths_set
    .3 pagesetup_initialize
    .2 doit
    .1 {tk::ButtonUp .2d.32.33.1

    All I want to do is the equivalent of “print document” in NV1


    Set the amount column width to 10 – currently your Amount column width (Line 9) is blank. Set it to 10 and this bug error can be avoided.

    You are using an older version of NV2. The current version of NV2 is 2.16.3 and I suggest that you update to it after performing nvreorganize on your application databases.

    If you receive a bug error, submit the bug error to – Do not post your bug errors here in the NV2 Forum.

    Regards to All,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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