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    I created an entry for a cheque without assigning a cheque number as I always do. After the cheque had printed, I tried to insert the cheque number and an error message advises me that I cannot assign a number to the reference field because “reference has been set in descendants below”. I can find no indication of a reference being set in the pink screen and I have never run into this problem before in trying to assign a cheque number to the reference field.


    Click on the journal where the transaction was entered. I think you have clicked on a branch journal instead of the leaf level journal where the transaction was entered.

    For example, you can alter NewViews > Journal > Bank and from the transactions explorer and alter a check entry which does have a reference column in it’s details. Review the details and correct or click on NewViews > Journal > Bank > Payment > Bank Payments and alter the entry in the transactions explorer of this Bank Payments journal.

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    This did not work so I guess I’ll just have to record the cheque number in the description field.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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