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    In the conversion process I ended up with a number of reports such as the GST report, the INcome statement etc.

    1) I would like to use the GST report that I have in NV1 but it does not appear to have migrated.

    2) I do have a problem with all the reports when it comes to printing them.

    If I try and send the reports to the printer I end up withe errors such as (invalid command name…sheet10)
    or any sheet #

    If I sent it to the excel instead of the printer I can then print the report within excel no problem

    What could be causing this?

    TX for your replies


    1) Are you saying the GST report that was on the Home document in NV1 is missing?

    2) Invalid command “sheet#”

    a – What is the printer name set on the Print Settings window? (There can be problems if it’s name is > 30 characters in length.)

    b – Try setting the printer to empty (or selecting a printer with [F3] if it is empty.)


    I retried the report printing (printer name was 27 chars) with F3 and it is now working. I had not attempted to retry it before I had updated it to version 2.01 so your guess is as good as mine bu at least it is now working.

    The procedure that is not imported was the gstpay procedure. The GST report is there and it is fine. I see a lot of comments re the NV1 procedures and I guess this also implies to the GSTPAY which is the one that I cannot seem to run in NV2 but I sure loved it in NV1 to send to customers to prepare their gst reports for filing.

    Hopefully someone will find a way to update some of the NV1 procedures for NV2 or redsign them for NV2

    TX for the help


    I’m glad the printing is working, but it’s a little “spooky” …

    GSTPAY did’nt make the “short list” for the 1st release, but these will be fleshed out as time goes by.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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