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    I wanted to add a new employee, and when I selected Yes to Copy , it started then gave the following error:

    Runtime Error
    Program c:nv21nv20.exe
    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application support team for more info.

    Clicked OK and it exited program. ?????


    Somehow I ran Set Default and the program re-programmed payroll. When done I was able to addcreate a new employee. I did notice that it deleted 13 depandants. What does that refer to?

    Should not nv2 autommatically set the imported payroll to the new defaults?

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    Are you running the most recent NV2 version? Review your Help About and ensure that you are running NewViews 2.02 service pack 1.

    Are you referring to Default setup from the Object Window tree explorer or Edit Default Value Set from the NV2 menu (or ALT EDS)?

    Default setup will setup the windowing system back to the factory defaults for the books.




    From Henry Mah, 07-03-05 11:13:

    … I did notice that it deleted 13 depandants [sic].

    It did what?

    Bob Halpin


    As stated above, when I re-set or ran set default the screen (or part of the screen) showed a statement that it was deleting 13 dependents. I only glanced at it and wondered what it meant.

    When it finished, I was able to add new employees.

    When I get back, I may re-import the same set of books and try to duplicate what I did.


    Oh, I get it.

    When you do (Menu) Window -> Default Setup, the existing windows are destroyed. If the number of windows that are being destroyed is over 10 (I think) then you get that progress indicator and the word dependants appears there.


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