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    I have set up the security for my staff. We record time spent on our clients and
    therefore I have (following the help manual) given them access to all the Work-in-progess reports and codes.
    When they try to use the “Go to” command, it doesn’t work (go to) any of the client
    WIP codes, stating that they probably don’t have security access.

    I have even tried giving them access to all ACCOUNTS (which I don’t want to do) but that does not work.

    For them to get to a client’s account to find out how much time they have posted to it, they have to go to the report and scoll down until they find it. Total waste of time.

    I obviously can use the command as I am the administrator.

    Could someone explain to me how to set the security and still have the “go to” command work?

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