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    I want to print my income statements without the line #, Folder and Name columns showing up on the final result. I realize I will probably have to do this in Excel, and have tried to set up a template and have set the print zone to eliminate these columns, however when I try to use the template name on the print screen, NV2 doesn’t recognize the name,gives me an error message and still prints the report with the three columns I don’t want. Are there special naming rules? I saved it to the objectsnewviews folder with all of the other templates.


    Go to your Income Statement and select a default setting by clicking the Account Button. Press F11 which will display a Define Columns Window. Click New which will create a Copy of that layout.

    Change the layout by removing the line column (Ctrl + Del) in a field in the line column and move columns (Ctrl Arrow keys) if desired. Once you have the layout you want, press F11 again and enter a name to replace the Copy of name above and press enter.

    You can use this window setting to print your reports. Use this method to create other layouts for your other reports. Click the Account button on your different reports to call up your saved window settings.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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