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    This is another request for an additional feature. I would like to sort by report under Accounts Payable. The reason for this is that you cannot pay bills by opening a report window. It seems that you have to be in Accounts Payable. All of my accounts payable are not classed as vendors and may be under a different report. Sorting the report column would group all of these together.


    Can you not have sub-reports under the accounts payable?


    Henry, it seems that if you want to pay bills you can’t be in a report view even thought all the accounts in that report are typed as accounts payable. Same goes for accounts reveiveable. I have a worked around this limitation by renaming the accounts in a particular report with a prefex so they all group together in the name column. For instance I have a report called rents. These are all typed accounts receivable. To group them all together I renamed the accounts in that report with a prefex “R-(accountname)” to distiguish them and group them when I open the accounts receiveable folder. Now I can block them all and print the monthly statements for the group. This seems to work for me. We’re still climbing the learning curve!

    Frank Mucklo


    Like NV1, you can also Block Move accounts within a report to the position/section of your choosing. Click on Line to set the window to interactive and then block your accounts. Click on the row you wish to move it to and then move the accounts (ALT BMI or ALT BMA or right mouse click Block Move Insert or Append).

    Note, do not highlight the Report Sub-total account (In Accounts Payable, account AP).



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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