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    I was reading the online manual and found this in reference to tags

    ” Improved Tag Management

    Currently tags can be added to journals, accounts, and individual transactions. These tags are simply typed in by users and/or those responsible for setting up an accounting database. Tags will be more formalized by adding them as a separate NewViews class, and therefore adding the ability to control them and to select them from pick windows during data entry. “

    I understand the tags on journals and defining the tag field for a column on a report, and adding entries to the journal controls the tag of the entry but is there another way to tag an entry since this description has added accounts, and individual transactions ?

    Can an account or transactions be tagged over-riding the tag of a journal?



    No. The allocation tags and partion tags are specified for the journal selected.

    In the upcoming release of 2.17 you can select partion tags (financial, order, budget, others) and you can then create your custom allocation tags to post your costs/revenues to (project1, project2, fund1, fund2 etc) your specified allocation tag. From the details you will have a new column called tags where you can allocate the entry to your particular project or fund. You can post directly in the journal or from the target account.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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