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    I just purchased a new computer totally in French (Windows XP and Microsoft Office).

    I just realized I cannot use the templates anymore. I get the error:

    .text {2 errors found in Excel named ranges:
    No print range has been set on Sheet1 of the template.
    Header range SHEET1!ZONE_D_IMPRESSION is greater than one cell wide.}

    What can I do?


    Make sure you have the lastest version of NV2 installed (2.07). Check your Help > About Window to verify.

    Open the spreadsheet template in Excel and then click Insert > Name > Define and search the Name Define list for the existence for two defined names:


    Both of the above names should be defined in your template. If they are set then I suggest that you send an email to with the attached template for review. Quote the suject and the text in your posting in your email.




    After studying your template and the errors you posted, we’ve got this figured out.

    In the French version of Excel, “built-in” range names are displayed in a French equivalent. In this case, a Workbook created here (in English) shows a named range Print_Area (on our systems) but that appears as “Zone_D_Impression” on your (French) system. For this reason, when you try to use that template with
    NV2 and a French Excel, things get out of hand quickly.

    NV2 boots Excel, and instructs Excel to open the template file. Next, NV2 gets a list of all the named ranges in Sheet1 of the Workbook.

    One of the the first tests on the names is to see if there is a range called “Print_Area”. On your system the range we see as “Print_Area” isn’t in the list because it has been magically renamed to “Zone_D_Impression” – so you get the 1st error: “No print range has been set on Sheet1 of the template.”

    Next NV2 goes through the name list making sure each range is a “sane” size. When it hits “Zone_D_Impression” it produces your 2nd error: “Header range SHEET1!ZONE_D_IMPRESSION is greater than one cell wide.”

    We can accommodate this in the next version. Knowning that the range we know as Print_Area will show up as Zone_D_Impression on French systems is not a problem. The worrying part is how many other variations there will be (Spanish, Russian, etc.)

    A variation on this came up last summer, and it’s curious we didn’t see this error at the same time. Last summer it became apparent that the sheet names in English Excel (Sheet1, Sheet2, etc.) could appear as “Facture1”, “Facture2”, etc. on a French System. NV2 was modified to be “blind” to the actual names and
    simply use the 1st sheet in the workbook. This also is a problem if the first sheet in the Excel file is displayed out of sequence (Sheet 4, Sheet 1, Sheet 2) but Sheet 1 does contain the template.



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