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    My invoice template has recently decided not to work properly. The header with the my company information will not print, only the details of the actual invoice itself converts.

    When I view the template in Excel all is good, just doesn’t carry over when requesting the print from the Invoices.


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    If the template printing has always worked before then a full reboot of the system would be the first step. A windows 10 update can cause programs to not function properly until a full reboot is performed.

    Does a Print Preview display the Company Information? Perhaps the area not displaying/printing has had its settings set to not Print.

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    Martin, are you suggesting a full reboot of the system being a computer “restart” or reinstall the program? I’ve tried a computer restart with no change.

    The Print Preview does not contain the Company information. I have it set for display. When I review the file directly in Excel, the header and company information is present. I don’t believe that I have changed any of the set up information, it just stopped functioning as it did.


    I am trying to edit the EFT advisory template so it no longer includes our bank information, and so it does include the employee ID number that shows in the Dr Account column in the EFT Payments Journal.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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