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    Recently I have faced again the impossibility of printing a report with NewViews. It always happens when you need the report quickly, of course. But I am used to it. I face it each time I need to do it.

    I can personally say that printing reports to Excel in nv2 has never worked without pain for me. From day one, there has been issues with this process. I have complained about this problem as far back as 2009 or before. It is fortunate that my needs to print to Excel are fairly limited. As a work around I use either Screen Capture or Print with Presentation Quality.

    Please note that I am not asking for a call from, or to customer support. I have done that in past. And my situation is still the same. I would prefer to have a fix in one of the future versions.

    My goal is just to express my frustration with the reporting part of your software. Relying on a third party (Microsoft Excel) for reporting is not a direction I would have taken myself when creating applications. I would place it as an option, but not as the main process for printing. I do create software and I do give the option to export data to Excel. And I have encountered situations where it does not work for the user.

    Having said the above, I want you to know that I love NewViews, which I have been using since 1988. I do not understand how people can function with the other software on the market (Sage, Acomba, Quicken and others). NewViews is in a totally different league, a much better one, except for reporting.

    Examples of configurations that I use:

    Windows 8.1
    Excel 2003
    Works well. When I absolutely need to pass by Excel, I need to use this machine.

    On 2 other machines :
    Windows 10 64 Bits
    Excel 2016
    Does not work.

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