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    I must say that the speed issue seems like it would be a substantial concern. Is the program setting up index links on the fly that, with usage, will eventually speed up the program?

    Right now I’m watching my shoes depreciate waiting for a report to be generated which seems to be taking an excessive amount of time. NV2 does not seem to have the “type ahead” capability that NV1 had so with NV2 I have to wait excrutiatingly long intervals between entries.

    Another thing, when generating a report, for some reason NV2 doesn’t let go of the video control so running a different program is impossible with the annoying screen flashing element that seems to attend report generation.

    Finally, is there some way to get scroll mice to work consistently? On some windows it works, on others it doesn’t work at all.


    This is a default window setup issue. It only occurs once for each window pane or table.

    e.g. if you scroll down the Income Statement Report for the first time, NV2 will set up Sales windows when scrolling accross Revenue accounts. While scrolling further down the Report if you position on a total account, NV2 will set up a Total Explorer window, and further when you position on an expense account, NV2 will set up an Expense window.

    This will only happen the first time you scroll down the Income Statement.
    This will also happen the first time you scroll down the Balance Sheet.

    This is the price we pay so that every user can have their own custom windows on the same set of books.
    After several days of using your workstation on that set of books you will never have to wait for new windows to be created.

    There is a “type ahead” buffer, but MS Windows has an event cue that can get in the way. We do are best to catch your keystrokes, but if a window changes, where should the keystrokes go?

    The first time you visit a Report, new windows are set up for you. Again this only happens once. Each Report has it’s own windows, after you have been there once, they are stored in your workstation. The next time you visit the same Report, the windows will be instant.

    Scroll wheels work on all windows that have a scroll bar. If the vertical scroll bar is visible the window will scroll up/down with the mouse wheel. If the horizontal scroll bar is visible the window will scroll left/right with the mouse wheel.

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    Thank you for the response. I was pleased to see that the speed has improved dramatically now that the indexes and windows have been established for my accounts.


    I am guessing that somewhere in the manual I could find this, but I wish to delete columns in a Custom Report. I can’t figure out how to do this.

    If you could give me a hint I’d appreciate it.

    My other question is: When I issue a print command, is there a way to specfify a sheet number that the report will go to on the Excell spreadsheet? For example, could I print the GL to sheet 1, the Income Statement to Sheet 2, and other reports to other sheets on the same spreadsheet?



    To delete a column:

    Activate any field in the column to be deleted.

    Press .

    NOTE: Deleting a column from a table does not alter the data in the books in any way; it only removes the column from the screen. Columns that are deleted can be added back again with the Window>Default Setup command (to return the entire window to the default settings).

    This text is in the manual under “Modifying Tables”

    NewViews Manual / Operating NewViews / Customizing Desktops / Modifying Tables.


    Well, at first pass the newer import seems to be much quicker
    Import time was 3 hr 21 min 38 sec – but I am inclined to think that the structure and item counts make a large difference.

    for a set of books – 50MB
    Items on File

    Reports 27
    Accounts 5,872
    Ledger Items 69,914
    Distribution Items 23,430
    Procedures 610
    Printers 23
    Notes 72,132

    Much better than before when it took a few days. Later I will test some larger books – hopefully with the same kind of results.



    The scroll mouse seems to only work going down, it won’t scroll up.

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