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    Hello all.

    I found something in my bag of tricks and thought all DOS NV users would benefit from it.

    The ‘stock’ HP16P printer driver that comes with NewViews worked fine with the old original HP lasers. Then, sometime around the Series IV Hewlett Packard changed the font characteristics in a way that made the output with that driver pretty ugly – the characters were smaller and the vertical lines had gaps.

    Here is a solution that *should* work for your HP (and compatible) lasers:

    – On Home, cursor to Printers and /Document Expand

    – Cursor to HP16P and /Document Expand

    – /Print Docuemnt (so you have a backup of what it was like, in case you
    need to go back.)

    – In the Setup line, enter the following:
    1b45 1b28313055 1b266c306c306f3844
    1b2873 3162 30703137683431303254

    (I typed this on two lines, but you enter it on the one ‘Setup’ line.)

    Now, in /Print Options, set the Printer to HP16P and test-print a report or something. It should look a *lot* better. If it doesn’t, and the result is really objectionable, then simply re-enter the Setup line based on the print-out you did before changing anything. (You did print it, didn’t you …?)

    If you like it, buy me a coffee some time.



    Thanks Bob! Noticed the problem but could not find any Command codes to fix the problem.

    Suggest saving the original setup line:

    Block line /BS then use /BX,
    save to a name you’ll remember like HP16ORIG, N, C

    Then make the change. If you don’t like it bring back original

    At Setup line /BI HP16ORIG

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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