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    I Clicked on a Summary Report at the Left.
    Then I set the top Rt screen to Single Period Report
    The date shown was zero to Dec 31, 2006
    In the middle screen I changed to view to Total Explorer
    The screen showed the accounts and amounts which make up the Total account on top

    Then I changed the dates of the Single Period to Apr 1, 2005 to Mar 31, 2006
    The amount on the top screen changed to the values for that period

    However, the Total Explorer still showed the same amount, not what makes up the amount shown on the top screen. I finally figured out you have to click the Amount then the Total Explorer shows the change. Clicking any where else on the line gives the perputal amounts.

    In addition on the top screen (for Single Period) there is no option to view Budget. The choices were Count, Quantity & Amount. How would I get a list of the budget accounts and amounts which make up the Budget of a Total account? How about not viewing zero accounts on the Total Explorer?

    How would one print the Total Explorer?

    When I changed to Multi Period Analysis and selected Define Column, There are no choices to change the Type (ie: Amount to Budget), nor could I change the dates. In fact all columns showed zero amounts though there should have been amounts. How does one setup the standard, Budget-Actual-Balance report using the Multi Period?


    This doesn’t answer your question but is along the same lines. I would like to see a way of creating and saving multiple custom analysis views. It seems that now you can only have one custom analysis view. If I want a differnt view I have to change the columns of the custom view each time. It would be nice to name, save, pick and choose the custom views.



    Perpetual amounts will be displayed unless you click on an amount field. This makes more sense when viewing all other views, Custom, multiple period, or budget.

    Change the tag from financial to budget to view budget amounts.

    Other than doing a Print Screen and pasting to a program that will print, the total explorer cannot be printed at this moment.

    Use the Budget view or the Custom analysis to view a Budget-Actual report.

    Do not use the Define Column to setup the Multiple Period Analysis. Here is cut and paste from our manual.

    Customizing the Analysis Window for a Report
    To customize the Analysis window:

    Activate the report for which the analysis is to be customized.

    If the Analysis window is not displayed (the title bar should read /REPORT/(report name) – Multiple Period Analysis), use the window select button at the left of the title bar to choose the Analysis window.

    Issue the command View>Analysis>Column Setup>Edit Settings and fill in the column setup table as described above.

    If you want to change the order of the columns for the analysis, issue the command View>Analysis>Column Setup>Display Forward or View>Analysis>Column Setup>Display Backward.

    To specify the resolution (number of columns) for the analysis, issue the command View>Analysis>Resolution and choose None, Year, Month, Three Month, Four Week, Two Week, One Week, or Day.

    To specify the representation of the amounts/quantities for the analysis, issue the command View>Analysis>Representation and choose perpetual, Perpetual From Range Begin or periodic.


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