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    I just set up a Trial Balance report in the book. The sum of the balance sheet accounts plus the income statement accounts for the period should equal to zero on the TB.

    However, because the BS accounts are the perpetual accounts and the IS accounts are the periodic accounts, I am having trouble setting the report to sum up the accounts to zeros.

    Because, if I set the TB report with “Yes” to the “Respect Normal Rep” under F11, the IS accounts will have a balance from the beginning of time, not the total for the period.

    If I set the TB reprot with “No” to the “Respect Normal Rep”. then the BS accounts will only show the period total, which is not correct neither.

    My report is totalled / directly linked from the BS and IS accounts.

    Anyway to resolve this? Or perhaps my way of setting up the TB report is incorrect?

    Would you please help?




    A good place to start is to review the Demobooks from the NewViews 2.0 menu under Windows Start > All Programs or Programs > NewViews 2.0 > Demobooks. Select either demo_usa.nv2 or demo_canada.nv2 and F3 on State to open the application database.

    Navigate to NewViews > Report > Trial Balance and then click on the Accounts button and select Setup. Note the Totalto1 Name column in regards to how it totals to the TB-PROOF account at the buttom of the Trial Balance report.

    You will also notice that the demobooks has a Trial Balance button. Select it and review the Trial Balance table and select F11 on an the first amount column to review how the column is defined.

    The answer to your question above can be found in the NewViews 2.0 Manual under Accounting > The Trial Balance.

    Regards to all,


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